Carlos Dinis, I am from Covão do Feto, a small village near Alcanena, located in the Natural Park of Serra de Aire e Candeeiros. This region is characterized by a unique natural landscape, surrounded by impressive monuments (Convent of Christ in Tomar, Roman Ruins in Torres Novas, Castle of Almourol in Barquinha, Sanctuary of Fatima …). It is in this natural and patrimonial context that over the last few years I have been devoting myself to the art of carving the stone. This art of creating with my hands was transmitted to me by my maternal grandmother who created, drew, painted and built handicrafts with the simplicity of a country woman.

The stone that I transform into pieces of art, molding and sculpting it, using ancestral techniques, without the use of great tools comes from my region and is characterized by its hardness and consistency. However, after being transformed into art, it becomes beautiful, luminous and elegant. There are days when I look at a rock and I idealize a table, but then in the course of the creative process, it becomes a lamp, as if by magic! By expressing my feelings and thoughts through sculpture, I feel liberated as it allows to maximize my creativity, connecting it to the hands that give life to unique pieces of art. All the pieces have their idiosyncrasy, their history and one day they will be memory. They were created by me and directed to you, who observe them and give them life according to your imagination and the place where you place them.

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Carlos Dinis