Craft Ceramics Workshop


Paula Gomes began her work in the area of ​​ceramics and tiles in the year of 1990 having attended training in this area and workshops in Lisbon and Caldas da Rainha. Starting in 2001, with the collaboration of his brother, Duarte Gomes, the project AzulDesEjo, Workshop of Cerâmica Artesanal begins.
The works produced are mainly in the area of ​​tiles, using the technique of Aresta, a technique that dates back to the 19th century. XVI, the technique of stencil and the technique of painting in tile.
The edge technique consists of creating grooves in a mold, grooves that circumvent the parts of the drawing where different glazes will be applied. After the tile is made, these grooves appear as edges that separate the different colors of the applied glazes. The technique involves two firings, the first one after the drying of the pieces and the second after the application of the glazes.
With the same technique they produce tiles and ceramic plates in which the motif used is that of the Wood Embroidery, where the edge functions as the embroidery line.
In the technique of stencil are painted pieces with varied motifs, using plastic masks through which the different colors are applied in tiles already covered with a layer of raw glaze and finally in the painting in tile, the technique used is the traditional technique and is applied panels in the typical blue and white of traditional Portuguese tiles or polychrome panels with more modern motifs.

Duarte Gomes

Ceramics / Tiles