With a degree in Fashion Design completed at the Fashion School of Lisbon (Magestil), Rute Doellinger has developed skills in the Cutting, Clothing Confectioning and Showcase industries.

In the past Rute collaborated and participated as a client consultant in brands such as Ana Sousa; Sacoor Brothers and Decénio.

In these enriching experiences, the relationship with the customer and the attention to detail in what is best done in women’s clothing in Portugal has given rise to a dream: To develop a fashion concept with exclusivity adjusted to the profile of each Woman.

In 2017 the designer decided to bet on a brand and its own concept: Rute Doellinger – Fashion Author.

As a concept and personalized design “fashion author” with the elaboration of feminine dresses and clothes of ceremony, by measure with refinement and exclusive, the skin and noble quality fabrics are the base of the productions following the trends of fashion and the dream of have a unique piece of clothing.

With the concept of “fashion author”, the national fashion designer intends to change the approach of women’s clothing in leather. The Design and the elaboration of Feminine Clothing of Author is differentiator for allying comfort, quality and originality in the union and contrast of textures, in the sophistication and refinement of the active, practical and independent woman.

The production of the collections is done in limited series in order to fulfill the need of originality and exclusivity of its clients and to make each product unique and as adjusted as possible for each Woman.

The use of traditional Portuguese fabrics inspires some of the Designer’s collections highlighting the goal of staying true to the principle of Made in Portugal and thus taking a little of each region in the most formal and even casual clothes.

One of the exclusive collections of 2018 the collection “By Chita” was inspired by combinations of velvet and cheetah from Alcobaça combining the velvet and the gangue to this noble fabric.

In this collection with limited sizes and numbers, Designer designed the Jardineira models; dress; trousers and skirt combining some accessories like the bags also inspired by Chita de Alcobaça.

The collections are totally idealized and designed by the author as well as the execution of the prototype using a seam with quality finishes.

In the design for measure and being present in several platforms of services and in the established networking, the Fashion of Author is also in the consultancy of beauty of the Woman in the slope of the fashion and the clothes.

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